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Obituary of Salvatore DeRosa

Salvatore DeRosa of Winchester, Massachusetts died on January 16 at the age of 96. From humble beginnings in the North End of Boston, he rose to become the founder and president of United Automotive Company, a successful family business that remanufactures automotive components. As a boy, he helped his parents, who had immigrated to the United States in the early 1900’s, to provide for his five brothers and sisters by selling newspapers, shining shoes and gathering coal at the railroad yards to heat their four-room flat on Sheafe Street in Boston. He continued to study and work hard graduating from Brighton High School and attending Northeastern University’s School of Law until the realities of tuition set in. Instead he developed a love of the automobile and became an expert in all things associated with the burgeoning automotive industry. At the age of 21, he married Adeline Tomasello of Needham, MA and they lived the American dream – working double shifts, buying a house, raising two sons and establishing the successful business that he ran until he was 93 years old. Sal had a passion for life. He read Shakespeare and Dickens and devoured the daily newspaper. He loved everything from late night hot dogs at Joe & Nemo’s to the excitement of Times Square and Radio City Music Hall. Never forgetting his roots, he took his family back to the North End each weekend to shop, dine and visit his Mother’s house. He also took his family on car trips all across the country, ending up visiting family in California on many occasions. In later years he enjoyed vacations with his family in New Hampshire and Florida. Sal also helped countless people. He stood in the cold or rain and got their cars to run again. He showed up at their houses with tools to fix a lamp or build an addition. He emptied his bank account on more than one occasion to help friends and family alike. Sal is the beloved father of Robert & his wife Sylvia DeRosa of Rockport and Joseph DeRosa & Anne Volante of Bedford. He is the grandfather of Lynda Voghel of Concord, Robert DeRosa Jr. of Salem, NH, Lisa DeRosa of Winchester, Lorna Rousseau of Marlboro, Robin DeRosa-Lonergan of Campton, NH and Peter DeRosa of Concord. Also survived by 13 great grandchildren. Beloved brother of Edith Boyajian of Abington, Anthony DeRosa of Everett, John DeRosa of Medford and the late Joseph DeRosa and Rose Raneri. Former husband of the late Adeline (Tomasello). Funeral from the Edward V. Sullivan Funeral Home, 43 Winn St., BURLINGTON (Exit 34 off Rt. 128, Woburn side) on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 9 a.m. Followed by a Mass of Christian Burial in St. Margaret’s Church, 111 Winn St., Burlington at 10 a.m. Visiting hours Wednesday 4-8 p.m. Interment in Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford. Joseph's words of remembrance I have fond memories of my father from my childhood- his caring, what we learned from him, his generosity. Dad would take me fishing on the marshes of Saugus – he didn’t fish, he didn’t like fish. The only fish he had ever been near was cooked and served on Christmas Eve as part of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. But he took me nonetheless. Money was very tight in those days, yet he found a way to pay for piano lessons for me and trumpet lessons for my brother – even though my brother would have preferred otherwise. Dad worked double shifts in Harvey Sales and Service and the phone company to provide for us. When his boss at the phone company, Joe Cain, retired to Cape Cod, my father faithfully visited and cared for Joe and his wife Lil as they aged. Joe and Lil left me their prized baby grand piano to repay his kindness to them. Dad loved to travel --We ate at the brass rail in Times Square, ice skated in Rockefeller Center and went to Radio Center Music Hall. He took us across country in a beat up old Oldsmobile – stopping in the desert of Arizona to take a picture of my brother and me next to the biggest cactus we could find. With vultures circling overhead and my mother pleading to get us back in the car, he picked up a rock in case the vultures attacked – he was going to get that picture no matter what. We still have it. He took us to Cincinnati, Ohio where I was interviewed on the radio – a big thrill for a 6 year old, St Louis, MO, down old Route 66 to Santa Fe, into Mexico, where the family picture in a donkey cart has become a classic in all our houses. Dad wasn’t exactly the “help you with homework” type, but I did get an A on my report on Boulder Dam after being there. In later years, he was always there whenever we had to fix, build or paint something. There are houses in Watertown, Winchester, Sudbury and Concord that still bear his mark. Dad would show up on Sundays with a bag of cold cuts and fresh bread from LaCascia’s. He gave me his Collected Works of William Shakespeare and his set of Dickens novels, which I will treasure always. I’m sure that Bob, will also treasure some of the exotic tools Dads gave him - Bob is much more hands on than I am. In fact, Bob had just finished rewiring our hot water heater in Florida when we got word from Lisa that Dad had passed. It felt like the Hand of God at work: Bob & I together fixing something, cleaning out Mom’s house… and Dad decides it is time to leave us. As if his work was done. Words of Remembrance by Sal's Granddaughter, Lisa DeRosa SAL MY GRANDFATHER, MY BOSS, MY NEIGHBOR, MY BABYSITTER, MY FRIEND. TODAY IS A DAY FOR CELEBRATING SAL’S LIFE AND WHAT A LONG WONDERFUL LIFE HE LEAD. HE WORKED VERY HARD IN HIS BUSINESS LIFE AND WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER HIS OWN WAY HE RAN HIS BUSINESS. WE WILL REMEMBER THE LUNCHES HE MADE FOR BOBBY AND ME. HOW HE CHOICE TO USE WHATEVER WAS IN THE FRIDGE TO BOBBY’S SURPRISE AND ADD IT INTO A SANDWICH. WE WILL REMEMBER ALL THE GREAT TIMES HE SHOWED US AND HIS SAYING THERE IS ALWAYS A ROOM WAITING FOR ME AT THE MARRIOTT. WE WILL MISS THE TIMES UP AT THE LAKE AT THE MARGATE. WITH THE MUDSLIDES FLOWING AND HOW PROUD HE WAS TO TREAT HIS FAMILY AND INTRODUCE US TO EVERYONE HE MET. TOWARDS THE END, I ASKED HIM WHAT HE WANTED ME TO SAY WHEN THE TIME COMES. HE SMILED AT ME AND SAID I HAVE THE GREATEST FAMILY AND LOOKING OUT AT YOU ALL I AGREE. WE ARE TRULY BLESSED AT WHAT HE AND NANA CREATED. IT WAS MY PLEASURE TO CARE FOR HIM. I TRULY GOT BACK MORE THAN I EVER GAVE. HE ALWAYS APPEARED WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE AND NEVER ONCE COMPLAINED. HE WAS EXTREMELY HAPPY AND AT PEACE WITH HIS LIFE. NOW HE IS REUNITED WITH NANA. THE SECOND THING SAL WANTED ME TO SAY WAS THAT HE FINALLY PAID OFF PETER. WHEN ASKED HOW LUCKY HE WAS TO LIVE A LONG LIFE HE WOULD ALWAYS SAY THAT SAINT PETER IS WAITING FOR HIM, BUT HE NEEDS TO PAY OFF ALL HIS DEBTS BEFORE HE LEAVES THIS EARTH AND EVERYDAY HE BORROWS MONEY. WELL SATURDAY HE PAID OFF HIS FINAL DEBT AND PEACEFULLY MET SAINT PETER AT THE GATE. THE SOUND OF THE TRUMPETS WERE PLAYING AND THE ANGELS SINGING WHEN SAL ARRIVED. GOODBYE MY GRANDFATHER, MY BOSS, MY NEIGHBOR, MY BABYSITTER MY FRIEND.
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